Monday, April 12, 2010

We've Moved!

What to do on a beautiful Sunday while the Masters is on? Head out into the sunshine and design a new blog! Yes, it is long overdue, but I am proud to send you all on over to the new blog. Old posts can all be found there, but what is most exciting is that I will now be able to post your preview images NICE AND BIG!!!!

Go on, take a look!

Don't forget to change the page in your favorite links and bookmarks!


  1. 2010/03 baby j 6 mo...My Grandson's photo shoot was amazing-viewed by many friends and family members and I recieved many inquiries as to his photographer...spread the word...You are the best!!

  2. Can I just say I just found your website, and your work is INCREDIBLE! What an inspiration.


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