Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet Little Angel. Newborn girl's newborn baby portrait session: maternity and newborn portrait photographer

Good morning! Here is the rest of your preview from yesterday's newborn session. Could this little peanut get any cuter? I had a hard time picking my favorites for this preview because I have so many new favorites! I loved working with this family. P is such a gift, enjoy every moment! Of course, if you haven't already, check my last post for one more favorite of her!

I hope you had as much fun as I did :0)

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Finally Did It! Rhode Island Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

Today started out on the wrong foot. I lugged all of my equipment down the flights of stairs at my condo and out to the rainy parking lot (hopefully for the last time). I juggled all of my equipment with G strapped onto me in the carrier, looking up at me like I was a crazy woman. I dropped my box of lights in a puddle, my bean bag on the wet grass, and a basket full of mail got soaking wet. I was almost in tears and the day had not even begun. I'm happy to say, it all turned around when I got to baby P's house. This is why I have the best job in the world. I arrived to two happy parents, completely in love with their new little girl. How could they not be? This baby girl was so sweet! I don't have time for a full preview but I had to post this one shot because I was so thrilled. I've been trying this pose for months and, with the help of dad, I finally got it! Check back in tomorrow for the full preview. I don't know how I'll ever choose my favorites... she was that sweet!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Grafton Ma Maternity Portrait Session: Rhode Island Maternity Portrait Photographer

With another teeny newborn to capture tomorrow, I thought I had better get this sneak preview up! This couple were high school sweethearts and have been married for 10 years. They went to college and served in the military together.... and now they are about to make their family bigger by one :0) It was easy to see they were best friends. I can't wait to come back and photograph junior in a few weeks! Enjoy your preview.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet baby girls! Massachusetts and Rhode Island Newborn portrait photographer, in home newborn photographs

What a week! 3 newborn girls, a maternity session... and we're moving. Yesterday was one of three baby girls in one week and I had so much fun photographing her family. I felt like I had known them forever. Baby P took a very long time to get to sleep.... nursing, noise machine, space heater, heating pad, shushing and patting.... but when she finally drifted off she was an absolute dream to work with! I'm still working on a newborn pose that I have in my head and baby P is the closest I've come to it. Look how adorable this girl looks posing for the camera! Mom was such a good sport playing the waiting game with me that I felt like I was visiting with an old friend. Enjoy your preview.... I must get back to editing!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maternity Beach Portrait Session: Rhode Island and Massachusetts Maternity Photographer

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being back outdoors! Have I mentioned that? Now that the weather is nice, it seems that every portrait session is my new favorite. Yesterday's is no exception. I am so excited about the images from yesterday's maternity portrait session. This couple was up for anything. We started at the their home taking some studio style photos, so of course we captured all of the classics, but then we headed to second beach in Newport and I just love the portraits we created. Those are the ones that I had to share here. I loved working with the sunlight and playing with all of the qualities that sun, wind, and water lend to a photograph. I will be heading back in a few weeks for Leo's newborn session and I can't wait to work with this couple... soon to be family... again! Enjoy your preview!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Newborns are back! Rhode Island and Massachusetts Newborn Portrait Photographer

After a brief break from newborn madness, I had the portrait session for the first arrival of May’s little angels yesterday! M was such a sweet baby girl. Don't you just want to kiss those lips? It was perhaps my fastest session ever. The whole family was so easy to work with. To make the day even sweeter, big sister D was absolutely adorable! Check out those eyes. Daddy is in trouble with these gorgeous sisters! Enjoy your preview.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maternity Portrait Session- Rhode Island Maternity photographer, surprise maternity portraits!

I'm not sure why I can't sleep. Perhaps its that we are closing on a house in two weeks, moving our entire life, my business, and my husband's job, or that we're leaving for the Caribbean in 4 days! What ever it is, my clients are reaping the benefits! When I was up at 2am tossing and turning I decided to break out my laptop and start editing yesterdays maternity session. Maybe it was the excitement over this shoot that made me unable to sleep! I am thrilled with these images. This client was amazing to work with. For starters she was stunning. The kind of pregnant woman I was jealous of my entire pregnancy! But it wasn't just that, she was so fun to work with. She was doing these portraits as a surprise for her husband, and I'm pretty sure his jaw will drop when he sees them :0) Let's hope he isn't a faithful follower of my blog! I'll be coming back to visit lots this year as we will also be doing newborn and baby's first year packages.

I am so happy with these images. Thanks for letting me share how beautiful they turned out! Enjoy your preview.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family Portrait Session Paxton Ma. Rhode Island and Massachusetts Family portrait photographer Heidi Hope Photography

Ahhhh, fresh air! I love being back outside!!! Today I had so much fun photographing a beautiful family at Moore State Park in Paxton, Ma. It was a cloudy morning, but at least the rain held off. When I returned home my luck had not yet run out because G took a nice long nap and I could dig into editing these shots. I am just in love with the images from this session! The children had so much personality and you could tell just how much the whole family enjoyed each other. Even Meme got in on the session and helped me get the kids to smile! We shot for almost 2 hours and hiked all around the grounds, yet 5 year old B and 3 year old M both hung in there for the entire shoot. M was a total ham and I found countless shots where no one else is looking into camera except her. She was always looking straight through my lens. Her eyes just make you melt. A photographer's dream! Thanks so much for the great session, enjoy your preview :0)

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