Sunday, November 29, 2009

P Family. Massachusetts and Rhode Island photographer creates sibling portraits at Warwick RI portrait studio.

Preview number two today is from the adorable P family. I can't believe how well they all did in front of the camera! Baby E was one of the easiest babies I've photographed. I guess third children are like that right?! I have SO many adorable shots of her I can't wait to share, but I'm being disciplined and sticking to the holiday shots so we can get cards out in time! And even little man T gave in and smiled when I mentioned that I had stickers on hand. I'm absolutely not above bribery. Enjoy your preview mom and dad. More to come soon :0)

Little M toddler portraits. Massachusetts and Rhode Island baby and chlid photographer.

Two previews for you this Sunday and here is the first. Adorable M came to visit me at the studio on Friday and we had such fun! I couldn't believe how well she did actually as she, mom and dad all stopped at the studio on their way home from a week of vacation. We got some adorable portraits, but when it came to the holiday pictures, M had other plans! Below are my two BEST holiday shots! M wanted nothing to do with the hat and didn't sit still very long with all of the ornaments around. Luckily her parents were totally laid back and fun so we just went with the flow. 1-2 year olds always call the shots, don't they?? Enjoy your preview mom and dad!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby G newborn portraits. Rhode Island and Massachusetts newborn photographer creates newborn portraits at Warwick RI baby studio

Here is the full preview of the sweet little girl who appeared just before Thanksgiving. During our session I kept telling her parents how this baby girl has a little doll face. Don't you agree? Perfect little lips and gorgeous lashes. She made my camera very happy. Thanks for coming down to the studio mom and dad. I loved seeing you both again and meeting baby G. Enjoy your preview!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Just a preview of a preview from the adorable baby girl who visited my studio today. More to come Friday. And until then, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seeing double. Identical twin girls. Rhode Island and massachusetts photographer creates newborn twin photos in Warwick RI studio

Do not try this at home. I'm pretty sure I say this in every twin post but, TWINS ARE SO HARD! Don't let these peaceful photos fool you. Mom, dad, and I all worked pretty hard for every single shot. Just when you get one asleep and in a good pose, you have to then get baby number two asleep and posed, with out poking the first one in the face. Then, just when everyone is finally settled, it never fails that one of them goes to the bathroom! Friends of mine recently had identical twin daughters so I had to have them into the studio for a shoot. I'm so glad that I did. How beautiful are these girls? Its so funny because they both had such different personalities that I can actually tell them apart in every picture. Mom and dad were already pros with them... I guess you have to learn twice as fast right?! They were so easy going. I imagine I would be a complete scatter brain with twins. Well, enjoy your preview mom and dad. I loved seeing you again, having you at the studio, and meeting your gorgeous daughters. I hope to see more of you soon!

Monday, November 23, 2009

More Holiday baby portraits! Rhode Island and Massachusetts baby photographer creates holiday baby photos in warwick ri portrait studio.

Here is baby girl number two from yesterday in the studio and yet another gorgeous set of baby blue eyes to fall in love with! Baby J was so much fun to play with and reminded me so much of my own daughter. She was so interested in all of the action (as mom, dad, and I all sang and danced like crazy to get her attention!) I always wonder what babies must be thinking of me as I make silly noises and crazy faces to try to get a smile out of them. Are they laughing with me, or at me??? Enjoy your preview mom and dad, I loved meeting your family yesterday!

Holiday Baby Portraits. Rhode Island and Massachusetts baby photographer creates 6 month old baby portraits in Warwick RI studio

I had two adorable baby girls come visit my studio yesterday and here is the first. You may recognize her gorgeous blue eyes from her 3 month shoot. This time she and mom came to me at the new studio and I am so happy they did. We were able to play with so many fun props. Boy were we creative with the tinsel!! Baby I was so easy to work with and I had fun catching up with mom as well. There are too many favorites to choose from for this session so I stuck with the holiday shots so that we can get those holiday cards out. Next weekend is the absolute deadline for holiday card orders.... which means I'll be swamped this week with design work! Enjoy your preview mom. Thanks for a fantastic morning!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Outdoor Family Portrait session. Rhode Island and Massachusetts family portrait photographer creates autumn holiday family portraits at local park

How gorgeous is this family? They certainly made my job easy yesterday :0) They traveled down from Central Mass for an outdoor family portrait session at Rodger Williams Park. Baby H smiled through the whole shoot, which is virtually unheard of at his young age of 5 months. We got so many adorable shots I had a very hard time choosing for the preview. Enjoy your sneak peak. Can't wait to show you the rest!

Santa Baby! Rhode Island and Massachsuetts baby portrait photographer creates studio holiday baby portraits in RI portrait studio

This sweet baby girl visited my studio yesterday and I'm excited to show mom that we did get some shots after all! The poor thing must have had a tooth about to pop through because the bib of every dress was soaked and she seemed so uncomfortable. Mom had brought so many fun outfits and holiday props, but poor baby C just seemed like she wanted her crib :0( That's the way life goes with a baby right?! I remember taking my daughters Easter photos 2 Easters ago and ending up with a whole folder full of portraits with her crying in her bunny ears. Drool, runny nose, red eyes... nothing a little photoshop can't fix! Well mom, we did manage some adorable shots, so all of our hard work paid off! Enjoy your preview.

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