Tuesday, June 30, 2009

18 month old portraits. Rhode Island and Massachusetts on location baby portrait photographer.

This morning I had the 18 month old session of the adorable E. Mom was a little nervous before the shoot because the last time she brought baby E to a portrait studio, things didn't go so well. I hear that from almost every parent of children this age. Toddlers can take a lot of extra energy to photograph and a portrait studio often doesn't have the time or means to let them warm up to the camera. I thought I might have my job cut out for me, but I tried to reassure mom that I always manage some smiles, even from the most stoic of babies. Turned out baby E was a complete joy to photograph! We became immediate friends :0) She loved to play and looked straight into my lens with her curious eyes. Those gorgeous baby blues certainly made my camera happy. The shoot flew by and I felt like I could have stayed all day to play. Hope you love these pics mom. I do! Enjoy your preview.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Maternity Portrait Session. Rhode Island Maternity Photographer

Here is a sneak peak from another of last week's sessions. With all of the rain rescheduling, at least belly and baby shoots are keeping me busy! There are 5 newborns coming up in the next two weeks so keep checking in for an unprecedented amount of cute! This "belly session" couple was so much fun to work with. Their house was all ready for baby and the nursery was so adorable we had to get a shot in there before the session was through. Even soon-to-be grandmother was a part of the experience cheering us on the whole time. Enjoy your preview :0)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

16 Month Old Portraits. Massachusetts and Rhode Island baby portrait photographer.

Last Thursday it finally stopped raining long enough for the adorable miss A's portrait session. She was the second girl her age I have photographed this month and just like the last, she gave me a serious workout! Miss A was on the move our entire session and I was running in circles just trying to keep her in my camera frame. I think mom's and my hard work paid off though as we ended up with some amazing shots of this cutie pie! Enjoy your preview :0)

Monday, June 22, 2009

One very sleepy boy! Ma and RI newborn baby portrait photographer.

Here is newborn number two from last week, baby M. He was one of my best newborns to date. He let us curl him up in all sorts of fun places from daddy's police hat, to a basket in the living room, to a giant shell that grandma requested. Here are just a few of the adorable portraits we ended up with. Even with all of the cute props we were able to play with, my very favorite shots are the last two with mom and dad. Obviously a gorgeous family, it was easy for my camera to love them, but it was how much they loved baby M that makes those last few so special. Enjoy your preview :0)

Two more newborns last week! Smiley baby boy. Rhode Island newborn baby portrait photographer

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing two adorable newborn baby boys. Both were under two weeks old and super sleepy, just the way I like them! This first little guy was born to the mother of one of my favorite maternity sessions you may remember from a few weeks back. I loved visiting with mom and grandma again, and meeting dad, and am so excited to be coming back twice this year to capture how much baby R grows with the baby's first year package. Baby R was already a pro in front of the camera (just like mom!) giving me tons of sweet newborn smiles. Enjoy your preview!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

15 Month Old Portraits. Massachusetts and Rhode Island baby portrait photographer.

Here is the preview from this week's adorable 15 month old, B. I have to thank B for the best workout I've had in 2 months. This girl kept me on the move! She missed her nap, but was still as sweet as pie. She did not sit still for a moment, but lucky for me, she looked straight into the lens with her beautiful blue eyes even as she was walking away. We did have to work pretty hard for a smile, but we finally caught a few at the end.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sleepy girl! Rhode Island and Massachusetts newborn baby portrait photographer.

Here is newborn number two from last Friday. This little girl could not have been easier to work with. She was so sleepy and sweet. Mom, dad, aunty and I all had so much fun posing this little one. I wish I could bring aunty along on every shoot, she was a total baby whisperer! The only thing we had trouble with was getting a shot with baby D's eyes OPEN for mom and dad. I did manage to get a few that you will see in your gallery :0) In the meantime, here is your preview. Enjoy.

Awake little man! Rhode Island and Massachusetts on location newborn portrait photographer

I am finally sitting down in my new office, ready to proof a whole load of sessions. I thought I would get my two newborn previews up before getting lost in digital file sorting. Friday was two newborns back to back. Here is the first little man. This session was a little longer than most, lasting over three hours, and the entire time little F wanted nothing to do with the sleepy newborn shots we all had in mind. It just goes to show you that babies always have their own agenda! I still had so much fun visiting with F's family. Turns out all of them together were some of my best shots from the session. Big brother T was one of the easiest toddlers I've ever worked with at a newborn shoot. He definitely stole my heart and almost stole the show... but as you can see below, little brother F holds his own in the adorable department! Finally, on my way out the door, we got one sleeping shot of F in his swing, and it was totally worth the wait :0) Enjoy your preview!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So many newborns, so little time! Rhode Island newborn baby portrait photography studio

Yesterday I had two newborns back to back. They were both equally adorable but COMPLETELY different sessions! The first little man wanted nothing to do with sleep but his adorable older brother kept my camera very happy. The second little girl could not be woken up! Here is one shot I couldn't wait to get up. Both full previews should be up by Monday so check back in :0)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Portrait Session, Siblings. Rhode Island Family Portrait Photographer Roger Williams Park

Check out my gorgeous family! Here is a preview from Sunday's shoot with my cousins. I had a great time visiting with them and snapping their portraits. I hope my aunt is thrilled with them! It's always nice switching gears from chasing little ones around. Not for long though, as I'll be breaking out the newborn props for a double header on Friday. Two new little ones ready for their debut. Enjoy your preview :0)

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