Saturday, January 31, 2009

Introducing Heidi Hope

How did this all start?

Photography is something I have always loved, but had never thought that I would “do.” I had never once considered that photography would someday become my career.

As far back as I can remember I have been behind the lens. Sure, I have always loved taking photographs, but I was an artist first, and I wanted to teach. My passion was, and still is, for people, children especially, and I wanted to share my talents with them in a career as an art educator. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003 I began doing just that. Up until then, photography was just for fun. I guess you could call it a hobby... or borderline obsession.

Then fate stepped in.

During my first year of teaching high school students, I had to teach a black and white photography class. It’s funny how teaching something makes you learn it in a way that you never would have otherwise. You learn it backwards, forwards, and in all the ways you need to answer all of the questions that you never would have thought to ask. You fall in love with it. Well at least I did. Since then photography has been my greatest passion.

During the past few years, I began working as a portrait photographer as a "job on the side", but I found myself thinking about it all the time, and never thinking of it as "work".

Enter my angel.

In 2008 I was blessed with the birth of my daughter, Giuliana. I was fortunate enough to take a maternity leave from teaching to stay home with her. As Giuliana grew older, my maternity leave time gave me the opportunity to invest more energy in photography than I ever could while teaching, and I became convinced of my new path. With that, I decided to launch Heidi Hope Photography full time. Until then I never dreamed that my love of working with people could be combined with my passion for photography in a full-time career.

And now...

I love getting to know each of my clients and helping them to create photographs that they will relish for years to come. I feel so fortunate that they invite me into their lives to observe and quietly capture their most precious moments. My greatest ambition is to capture those moments... the personality... the spirit... and preserve them forever, so that they may always be looked back upon with a smile. Those moments are a gift to me as much as to my clients because nothing brings me more joy.

I hope that viewing my work will bring each of you as many smiles as it has brought to me!

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  1. I found your pictures on flickr and I just loved them. Then I came over to your blog and I just have to say I love your "story" and I can completely relate. I love photography...taking pictures, post-processing, creating memories for people...

    You have an amazing talent and your work is very inspiring to me!


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