Friday, February 13, 2009

What am I carrying these days? Massachusetts Portrait Photographer Heidi Hope Photography

Good Morning! First I'd like to share some very happy news. My good friend Steph had a healthy baby boy on Wednesday, February 11th. Congratulations! If you check back next week you will see a sneak preview of her newborn session.

I have had quite a few people this week ask me about my equipment, so for inquiring minds...

As many of you know, I have fallen in love with a new camera. After driving my older brother crazy for months with endless camera comparisons, he finally convinced me to make the controversial crossover from Canon to Nikon. I was previously shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel (now for sale if you're interested), but in January 09 I settled on the nothing-short-of-fabulous Nikon D700. I have been a very happy customer!

One of the biggest differences is that the D700 is a full frame image sensor. The image sensor is the part of the camera that records the light after it enters the lens and sends that information to your memory card to be stored. A full frame sensor yields higher image quality and better results with high ISO settings (I'll do an ISO lesson another day!). Basically you can take better pictures with less light (indoors for example) with a full frame sensor. This has made me very happy during this extraordinarily cold New England winter.

Here is a great lesson about the differences between full frame and cropped image sensors: Digital Photography School

Because of my brand switchover, I'm working on my lens collection from scratch. I currently shoot with the Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 lens and I'm lusting after the Nikkor 70-200mm. That lens is what my dreams are made of. We'll chat more about lenses another day. If you have a specific camera question, email me with it and I'll try to help you out! I guess I have to scratch the teaching itch somehow these days.

Happy Friday!

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