Thursday, February 19, 2009

Newborn Session - Massachusetts Newborn Portrait Photography

Yesterday was the Newborn Session for the adorable Sawyer Lashua. With my daughter growing bigger every day (as they all do), there was something magical about holding a tiny, curling, sleepy newborn again. Sawyer was a big boy, born over nine pounds, but still seemed so tiny at only 7 days old. I couldn't believe how well mom, dad, and big brother were all doing. You will see in the sneak preview below how happy everyone in the family is to welcome little Sawyer into their world. I had a great time during this shoot, and as usual, I couldn't get out of Steph's house without being fed. Steph and Sam have been taking care of my tummy since the day we met five years ago!

Check out the cute props. My mom, the very talented knitter, has been working hard on some adorable newborn cocoons and hats for me. Luckily I have lots of newborn sessions coming up so you will be able to see all of her handy work soon!

Being the bad decision maker I am, the cute factor of this baby boy didn't make my job of selecting a sneak preview any easier... so enjoy an extra large one today :0)

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