Tuesday, June 30, 2009

18 month old portraits. Rhode Island and Massachusetts on location baby portrait photographer.

This morning I had the 18 month old session of the adorable E. Mom was a little nervous before the shoot because the last time she brought baby E to a portrait studio, things didn't go so well. I hear that from almost every parent of children this age. Toddlers can take a lot of extra energy to photograph and a portrait studio often doesn't have the time or means to let them warm up to the camera. I thought I might have my job cut out for me, but I tried to reassure mom that I always manage some smiles, even from the most stoic of babies. Turned out baby E was a complete joy to photograph! We became immediate friends :0) She loved to play and looked straight into my lens with her curious eyes. Those gorgeous baby blues certainly made my camera happy. The shoot flew by and I felt like I could have stayed all day to play. Hope you love these pics mom. I do! Enjoy your preview.

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