Monday, June 15, 2009

Awake little man! Rhode Island and Massachusetts on location newborn portrait photographer

I am finally sitting down in my new office, ready to proof a whole load of sessions. I thought I would get my two newborn previews up before getting lost in digital file sorting. Friday was two newborns back to back. Here is the first little man. This session was a little longer than most, lasting over three hours, and the entire time little F wanted nothing to do with the sleepy newborn shots we all had in mind. It just goes to show you that babies always have their own agenda! I still had so much fun visiting with F's family. Turns out all of them together were some of my best shots from the session. Big brother T was one of the easiest toddlers I've ever worked with at a newborn shoot. He definitely stole my heart and almost stole the show... but as you can see below, little brother F holds his own in the adorable department! Finally, on my way out the door, we got one sleeping shot of F in his swing, and it was totally worth the wait :0) Enjoy your preview!

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  1. heidi great shots of tara family. absolutely wonderful. i already let people know where i work. i figure if they know anyone or a family member, that you are fantastic and should give you a call. i am also going to tell a couple of my friends, also. Great job. Norma(i was there on Friday)


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