Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rhode Island Engagement portrait session. K and G's engagement session at Rodger Williams Park. RI and Massachusetts engagement photographer

Here is the last preview of the day and then I am off to load up galleries. This couple came down from Worcester (my old stomping grounds) and met me at the park for a sunset engagement session. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a sunset. We also worked around enormous flocks of geese, a turkey vulture, a few undesirable vehicles, a closed carousel, a broken arm and me losing my keys. Luckily K and G were so easy to photograph and totally went with the flow. I guess that is what being in love is all about. Nothing else matters! They were also gorgeous which never hurts a portrait! And yes, all of those episodes of America's Next Top Model did pay off ;0) I was so happy to see all of the great shots we ended up with. Enjoy your preview. Much more to come :0)

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