Monday, March 2, 2009

Worcester, Boston, Central Massachusetts Children's Portrait Photographer. Children's Portrait Session

Happy Snowy Monday! Communication via computer really does my sarcasm injustice. Can you believe all this snow? Just when you think you finally have the slightest chance of decreasing your vitamin D deficiency, Mother Nature hits you with a wallop to remind you of your naivety. We’re supposed to get over a foot here in Worcester today. As I am writing this, 7 news is reminding us all that Worcester has received over 5 feet of snow this winter. Like we need a reminder. I guess it’s a good day to blog :0)

Yesterday was the portrait session of the fabulous Miss M. She was a photographer’s dream. I have hundreds of shots to still sift through, but here are a few that I liked right off the bat. It’s funny, I have so many photos of her smiling, but some of my favorite shots are the moody poses you’ll see below. Must be those big brown eyes!

Enjoy the preview… and stay warm!

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