Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter! Massachusetts and Rhode Island baby portrait photographer. Easter baby portraits

I started feeling guilty that I never had G's picture taken with the Easter bunny this year.... or Santa for that matter.... so here is my attempt at Easter portraits before it was too late! She has her first cold and is getting two teeth so the timing was simply impeccable. Usually she just sits and smiles at the camera, but today she wanted no part of any of it. Just as I got her happily playing, she would notice my lens and turn her head away from me crying. I finally started bribing her with food (which you can see scattered about the set!) and that did the trick for a few shots. I think I managed to get a few cute ones. (As always, you can click each image to see it larger.)

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Your photos are stunning! What are you using for your backgrounds? Seamless paper? I especially love the paisley print too... Have you used any fabric? If so, how do you get it to look so perfectly smooth??

    Great job!!

    Newbie Photographer,

  2. Hi Bri! I use Savage seamless and the paisley print is a home decor fabric from Joanne's that I just sew a pole pocket into. Home Decor fabric works great because it is very wrinkle resistant. I have a few muslin backdrops too, and I have to iron those to get them smooth... a very time consuming process!

  3. Thanks so much!! I love your photos. You do a wonderful job! I will have to pick up some home decor fabric and try that. Thanks again!!



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