Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Engagement Photographer. Engagement session preview round two!

The great thing about being good friends with a photographer is that you get a complimentary session... the bad thing is that you get pushed behind all of my paying customers! Jen and Dennis are college friends of mine who allowed me to capture this special time in their lives over two weeks ago! I am really in love with their engagement photos, but I just can't seem to stop editing the images! There are just too many I love. I had so much fun working with this couple and I think you can see in all of their photos how much fun they were having too. Their love for each other and the excitement of their engagement was so easy to see and so fun to capture. Here is another preview to hold you over J&D. I promise I'm ALMOST done with your whole gallery. If you weren't so photogenic, maybe I would have less images to work with!!! Enjoy :0)

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