Friday, May 29, 2009

I Finally Did It! Rhode Island Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

Today started out on the wrong foot. I lugged all of my equipment down the flights of stairs at my condo and out to the rainy parking lot (hopefully for the last time). I juggled all of my equipment with G strapped onto me in the carrier, looking up at me like I was a crazy woman. I dropped my box of lights in a puddle, my bean bag on the wet grass, and a basket full of mail got soaking wet. I was almost in tears and the day had not even begun. I'm happy to say, it all turned around when I got to baby P's house. This is why I have the best job in the world. I arrived to two happy parents, completely in love with their new little girl. How could they not be? This baby girl was so sweet! I don't have time for a full preview but I had to post this one shot because I was so thrilled. I've been trying this pose for months and, with the help of dad, I finally got it! Check back in tomorrow for the full preview. I don't know how I'll ever choose my favorites... she was that sweet!

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