Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby J Newborn Portrait Session. Rhode Island and Massachusetts Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

I love newborns. I just love them. The are the cutest, teeniest, squishiest little miracles and every one I visit is my new favorite. My job never gets old! My props do however and yesterday I had to stop at Target and treat myself to a shopping spree of fun new toys to play with on my shoots. My reward for all of the newborn poop I've had to get out of my props lately! After my shopping spree I had the newborn session for the adorable baby J. This girl was a total doll face with a thick mane of auburn hair. She seriously had more hair than my one year old daughter who I still desperately try to attach bows to. Newborn girls are feisty and this little sweetie was no different. She really just wanted to stay up and socialize. She actually reminded me of my daughter in a lot of ways. No, no, no, I won't be on maternity leave any time soon... just reminiscing! J's parents were completely laid back and patient, and we finally got baby J to sleep. Then we had lot's of fun. We barely got the last shot because J had finally had enough, but I had to post it just because we tried so hard! Thanks for having me come over and share in this time with you E and K. I can't wait to come watch J grow over the next year. Enjoy your preview and your sweet baby girl!

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