Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet little chickadee. Massachusetts Newborn Portraits by newborn photographer Heidi Guerard. RI newborn baby in home portrait photographer.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the sweet little baby girl born to a couple you may remember from a few months ago.  Born two weeks late, this little newborn reminded me so much of my own daughter as an infant.  Sweet and happy and sleepy in your arms... until you put her down!!  haha  Baby B just wanted to eat and be held.  Adorable, but certainly a challenge for those sleepy newborn poses (and if I recall, very exhausting for mom and dad).  I feel bad, I must have bored mom and dad with endless stories of G because this little girl brought back so many memories.  To get my newborn shots of G took me 6 hours and lots of nursing.  We were much more lucky with baby B.  With mom and dad's help, we would get her to sleep, gently place her into a pose, jump out of the shot for one second, and snap it before she woke up!  And wake up she always did.  She was actually the first baby AWAKE in my newborn hammock.  I normally would have never attempted that.  It was dads idea to try it and he was right, she loved it!  Mom and dad were so laid back and we did manage to get some amazing shots.  One of my favorites is the one of mom and dad below.  I loved working with this family over the past few months and I remember that feeling on their faces so well.  I'm so happy that I was able to capture it for them.  I also adore the nest shot.  One of my new all time favorites!  Enjoy your preview mom and dad :0)

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