Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby L, 19 days old! Rhode Island and Massachusetts newborn baby portrait photographer. In home newborn portraits.

Here is the sneak preview from today's little man.  You might remember mom and dad from here.  He was a bit older than my typical newborns, turning 19 days today.  Usually after 14 days old they start to get much fiestier, and baby L was no exception.  Just when I thought he was really in a deep sleep, he let me know I wasn't getting away with any funny stuff by letting out a loud roar!  We did manage to get a few sleepy shots though, and I think mom and dad will be very pleased.  My favorite part about L was his adorable hair.  I've been lucky with the full manes on my last few newborns.  I think it looks so cute in photographs!  Enjoy your preview mom and dad.

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