Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santa Baby! Rhode Island and Massachsuetts baby portrait photographer creates studio holiday baby portraits in RI portrait studio

This sweet baby girl visited my studio yesterday and I'm excited to show mom that we did get some shots after all! The poor thing must have had a tooth about to pop through because the bib of every dress was soaked and she seemed so uncomfortable. Mom had brought so many fun outfits and holiday props, but poor baby C just seemed like she wanted her crib :0( That's the way life goes with a baby right?! I remember taking my daughters Easter photos 2 Easters ago and ending up with a whole folder full of portraits with her crying in her bunny ears. Drool, runny nose, red eyes... nothing a little photoshop can't fix! Well mom, we did manage some adorable shots, so all of our hard work paid off! Enjoy your preview.

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