Friday, November 13, 2009

Twice the fun! Rhode Island on location photographer creates Massachusetts twin newborn portraits.

Wow! I don't know how parents of multiples do it. After just three hours I was pooped. And most of my stuff was too :0) Getting one baby sleepy and curled up in front of my camera can often be a challenge, but two at the same time? With out poking each other in the face?! It is double the work and double the laundry for sure, but the reward is that twins are always absolutely positively more adorable than you could even imagine. This family was so much fun to meet and work with. Baby boy twin looked exactly like his handsome older brother. Baby girl, I think, looked just like her mommy. Mom was a baby whisperer herself and did an amazing job helping me juggle both babies. Dad had the patience of a saint! I think we got some adorable shots mom and dad. Enjoy your preview!

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  1. Beautiful words about our daughter and son-in-law, and magical beautiful pictures of our grand-son and grand-daughter. Thank you.


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