Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 and big things are happening!

Wow, the first few weeks of 2010 have really escaped me! I kept imagining that after the holiday rush, things would slow down in the land of Heidi Hope Photography and I could play some major catch up. I am both happy and sorry to say that nothing is slowing down here! There are an enormous number of new client inquiries coming in and I am making some major changes to keep both the level of service and quality of experience at the height I envisioned when beginning this business.

There are some big things to come in 2010. We've already overhauled the ordering system and installed a new interactive ordering gallery that should make both booking sessions and ordering prints and products so much easier. The next step is to implement our new slide show preview galleries for detail rich images that do justice to the wonderful portraits created from your custom experience.

Another major change to come is in the way of new client correspondences. I have to apologize to anyone who has made a new inquiry in the past few months. New client inquiries have grown exponentially and it has become impossible to keep up in a manner that I would like. For this reason I have decided to hire a new client specialist and they will hopefully be starting in the coming weeks! If you have recently inquired about a session in the coming months, I truly appreciate both your interest and your patience in waiting for a response, and I look forward to working with you this year.

On top of all of that boring business stuff, I have a whole lot of fun announcements on their way as well. I will be looking for models in the very near future, have some great giveaways to promote (including the newborn session giveaway starting February first!!), and some wonderful session opportunities once the weather warms up. I also hope to FINALLY be launching my email newsletters so thank you everyone for all of your subscription requests thus far. If you would like to subscribe, simply email me at with the subject subscribe. Newsletters will include Heidi Hope news (obviously), promotion and giveaway details, and a special lesson section where I share tips and tricks to quench the teaching thirst in me. All of the coming news will happen here so keep checking in to the blog and facebook to be the first to see.

Here is a photo of G in a hat sent from Aunty Courtney in San Francisco (because I can't possibly post on the blog with out sharing a photograph). We read the book Good Night San Francisco last night and on the last page, G pointed to a little stick figure in a building and said "aunt cort-e-nee home. night night." and then kissed the page. Melt!

Stay tuned today because I have a seriously adorable preview to share with some real WOWZERS and then there will be galleries going up in the wee hours tonight.

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