Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby X portraits. Rhode Island photographer creates natural light baby portraits

This sweet little guy came to visit me in the studio with his mama and one of my neighbors. He was such a joy to photograph and I loved visiting with the girls. Baby X completely stole my heart with his adorable looks and big doe eyes. Why do boys always get the most amazing lashes?! You may notice I've been into this kind-of vintage processing lately. Sort of the modern version of the "sepia" that was so cool back in the 90's. I bet you all thought sepia was still cool huh?! It's okay, I'll let that slide! I get bored pretty easily so I've been having fun playing with different tones and textures over my photographs. I thought you might like to see a before and after (below). Anytime I do this, I include both versions in the client gallery, unless one is clearly much better than the other. Enjoy your preview today!




  1. What beautiful pictures!!!!!! What a handsome little man. These pics will be precious memories.

  2. Looks like Lisa was the only one who could figure out the comment thing. Haha.. thanks Lisa. I loved doing this with X.


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