Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby I 9 months portraits. Rhode Island and Massachusetts baby photographer creates studio baby portraits

This baby girl has been coming to see me since she was 3 months old and our sessions are always so much fun. She is always full of laughs and smiles and one of the most easy-going babies I know! Her 9 month session was no different. We did all the traditional baby girl stuff and then at the end of the shoot got to try out the new nest!


  1. WOW! I love them. The nest idea was great. If these are not the best of the bunch, I can't wait to see her gallery! I'm truly grateful for meeting you to capture my daughters journey through infancy... thanks Heidi.

  2. WHERE did you find that nest?? Love it! (I'm just a fellow photographer that follows your do great pics!)

  3. Dominique, I'm sorry I never responded! I can't keep up these days! The nest is from Pottery Barn!


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