Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Local flooding of the Pawtuxet river in Warwick Rhode Island.

I grew up eating globs of cookie dough from Dear Hearts while throwing stones off of the bridge and into the Pawtuxet River. We have had some impressive weather lately, and when I heard that the Pawtuxet was reaching record flood stages, I had to grab my camera and catch some of history being made. The first photos are from Pawtuxet Village (right near our rehearsal dinner spot!), where the Pawtuxet meets Narragansett Bay. The second are from a spot on Elmwood ave where the bridge is closed. Pardon my shaky hands. Pouring rain, slow shutter speed, plus holding an umbrella with one hand, does not for good pictures make!


  1. These are amazing images!! The ice cream shop and bridge shots are truly amazing. We will never forget this rainy season here in RI!

  2. great shots Heidi! this flooding is unbelievable!..the ice cream shop pic is really cool


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