Monday, April 27, 2009

Newborn Baby Portrait Session: Massachusetts and Rhode Island Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the special arrival of a former co-worker of mine. It was a last minute shoot that we squeezed in just as baby E was turning one month old. This little man did not sleep for one minute of the shoot, other than when I was unloading my car of course! Despite being awake and wanting to see all of the action, E was a fabulous newborn model. He loved looking at the camera and was so strong when lifting his head up. The bad thing about doing a newborn session so late is possibly missing those sleepy newborn shots, the great thing is that you can catch them looking right at you, and in this case, with beautiful blue eyes! Mom and Dad purchased the Newborn and First year Premium Portrait Package so I am excited to come back and watch this little man grow up over the next year! Enjoy your preview mom and dad :0)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Engagement Photographer. Engagement session preview round two!

The great thing about being good friends with a photographer is that you get a complimentary session... the bad thing is that you get pushed behind all of my paying customers! Jen and Dennis are college friends of mine who allowed me to capture this special time in their lives over two weeks ago! I am really in love with their engagement photos, but I just can't seem to stop editing the images! There are just too many I love. I had so much fun working with this couple and I think you can see in all of their photos how much fun they were having too. Their love for each other and the excitement of their engagement was so easy to see and so fun to capture. Here is another preview to hold you over J&D. I promise I'm ALMOST done with your whole gallery. If you weren't so photogenic, maybe I would have less images to work with!!! Enjoy :0)

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Maternity Photographer: Massachusetts Maternity Portrait Session

This weekend I had the maternity portrait session for Robyn and Chris. It turned out to be a beautiful day for April, sunny and 60 degrees, so we were lucky enough to head outdoors for part of the session. It is so nice to shoot outdoors again! As many of you know, I began this business as a natural light photographer shooting only outdoors. I finally invested in an indoor set up, but most of the time I still refuse to use any artificial light. We generally set up near a big sliding glass door or in a room that gets great light from the windows. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I am thrilled to get back out to my comfort zone! Robyn and Chris were SO much fun to work with. They had me laughing the entire time. "NEVER cover the belly button!" Robyn was so laid back, she let me pick everything for the shoot. I was dying to use the black and white fabric backdrop for a maternity shoot and she gladly indulged me. Plus, she had a PERFECT belly! I can't believe she is due in a month. They have hired me for the Premium Maternity and Newborn package so I am thrilled that I get to come back to visit the star of the show, their new baby girl!

Enjoy your preview!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Portrait Photographer. Local Business product photography session. Baby Shower gift ideas!

This week I had the pleasure of doing a product shoot for a local business, Bel Scriba. Bel Scriba designs custom baby gifts with their handmade baby blankets (Binkeez), burp clothes (Burpeez), and other fun ingredients. I had visited their adorable website: to do some research on their business, but when I arrived to the shoot I was blown away with their product! Their Binkeez and Burpeez are so soft and luxurious. The best part of the whole session however was the amount of fun we had!

Running my own business for the short time that I have, one of the things that has made the greatest impression on me is the importance of relationships. That is truly what I love most about what I do. Getting to know clients not just as "clients", but as friends. I love that people invite me into their lives to capture their most precious moments. I love the emails they send me, telling me how much the portraits I have created touched them, or brought them to tears. That is how Bel Scriba found me, but in the end, I felt the same way about them. Bel Scriba is a great business run by a mother daughter team who made me feel like family! If you are looking for a unique baby shower gift, custom made by people who care about personalized service... check them out!

Here's your preview girls :0)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter! Massachusetts and Rhode Island baby portrait photographer. Easter baby portraits

I started feeling guilty that I never had G's picture taken with the Easter bunny this year.... or Santa for that matter.... so here is my attempt at Easter portraits before it was too late! She has her first cold and is getting two teeth so the timing was simply impeccable. Usually she just sits and smiles at the camera, but today she wanted no part of any of it. Just as I got her happily playing, she would notice my lens and turn her head away from me crying. I finally started bribing her with food (which you can see scattered about the set!) and that did the trick for a few shots. I think I managed to get a few cute ones. (As always, you can click each image to see it larger.)

Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Baby Portrait Photographer. South Shore 5 month old baby portrait session

Today was the 5 month old portrait session of the adorable little L. It rained on and off my whole way to the south shore and all the way back, however when I arrived at L's house, the clouds parted and the sun started shining. Tara, I think that must have been your mom :0) We got some adorable outdoor shots of L in the coat that Tara's mom had gotten for her. L was full of smiles and squeals through the whole shoot. L's family were wonderful assistants, singing songs and making silly noises. I loved meeting this family and I hope to get to visit again someday to play with L again!

Enjoy your preview. You can click each image to view it larger.

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