Monday, February 1, 2010

Follow up. Newborn portrait session giveaway.

Wow! Thank you so much everyone for your entries today. 1 day down and I can't believe how full my inbox was! I have received a few great questions and would like to answer them here so that anyone else who might have the same questions may see.

Can dads enter the contest?
absolutely! however please submit only one entry per expecting couple. So mom and dad do not both need to email an entry.

Can someone expecting multiples enter?
Yes! I love having multiples in the studio!

If multiples are born extremely early, must they be photographed in the first two weeks?
No. We can schedule the newborn shoot based on your needs. And that goes for all babies, of course! I always say "the earlier, the better" to get more out of the shoot, but I am happy to wait for babies and new parents to be ready for some fun!

Can I upgrade or transfer to a different type of session?
No. There is no cash value to this contest's winnings. The contest is to win a newborn session at The Heidi Hope Studio in Warwick RI and may not be transferred to any other type of session. Should the winners need to cancel, there is no refund or transferal of any kind.

Should I send an entry in every day to increase my chances of winning?
The drawing will be completed using your email address, so more entry emails will not increase your chances. I ask that there is please only 1 entry per baby-on-the-way.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will be happy to answer them for you! Read all about the contest here.


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