Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Simply sweet baby girl. Rhode Island newborn baby photographer creates studio newborn portraits in Warwick RI portrait photography studio.

This sweet baby girl came to visit the studio last week. We actually had to reschedule our original session date because I had come down with the stomach flu that, judging by everyone's facebook profiles, has now traveled through the whole state of Rhode Island. The next day we were hit with some more snow (is everyone around here as ready for the summer as I am?!?!). Mom and dad were traveling a long way from North of Boston so we postponed another day. Finally our session worked out and this little girl didn't want to miss a moment of it. She was the most alert newborn I've photographed in some time. I think you have a smarty pants on your hands mom and dad. She looked straight into my lens with fantastic eye control. We finally did get a few sleepy shots and thankfully mom and dad preferred simplicity so we didn't need to try any crazy posing! Enjoy your preview mom and dad. She is simply beautiful!


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