Friday, February 26, 2010

February's Photography Lesson! Rhode Island and Massachusetts photography newsletter, camera advice, photography tips.

Thank you everyone for your recent newsletter subscriptions. March's newsletter is in the works and there is a great deal for April sessions only for our newsletter readers! You can subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email address on the right hand side of the blog and be the first to hear Heidi Hope news and promotions! Here is February's camera lesson from the newsletter for those of you who recently signed up:

Taking Pictures Outdoors in Snow
Photographing your children outdoors in the snow can be tricky. You may find that your kids come out too dark against a background that is too bright, or that they are blurry when in action. Here are some helpful hints to ensure you get that snowflake caught on the tongue, sled cruise down the hill, snowman being made.... or tea party!

1) Set your camera on beach/snow scene to ensure proper exposure. This setting can be found in your special scenes menu. Check your camera manual to locate this feature.

2) Increase your aperture 2 stops if you have manual settings. This will compensate for the bright background and correct your kids turning into 'silhouettes'.

3) Set your camera on action mode if kids are moving. Otherwise they might be blurred. This setting may also be found in your special scenes menu under kids and pets mode.

4) Turn on your flash to balance the light reflecting off the snow as well as to lighten kids’ faces that might be in shadow.

5) Set your white balance. You may have a manual setting on your camera that allows you to point it at something white and then press the white balance button or setting on your menu. Setting your white balance will get rid of that bluish tint and will also rectify photos that are too light or too dark.

6) Don’t leave your camera out in the cold; your rechargeable batteries will drain more quickly in cold temperatures.

7) Have fun! Smiling yourself, singing, clapping, and playing peek-a-boo are all great ways to get your kids to smile if they aren’t already!

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