Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet baby girl bringing some very good news! Rhode Island and Massachusetts baby photographer creates natural light studio baby portraits.

One of the best parts of my job is being able to share in the wonderful news of families as they grow and capture some element of the joy in those special moments for them. It has been especially uplifting this month as I have received so many emails from expecting parents entering the newborn session giveaway. So many of my clients are expecting their second or third babies and I have had the joy of being one of the first to find out! Families experience hardship as well, and while it is often hard to watch some one you care about go through a difficult time, I hope that my work can bring them a smile that will help them through in some small way.

This sweet little girl came to visit me in the studio last week and she was such a joy to photograph. You may remember her as a newborn. Last July when I photographed her, she was 6 weeks old and was my tiniest newborn to date at only 6lbs. We actually missed mom's maternity session because she went into labor 6 weeks early and baby C was born at only 4lbs. Mom and dad have had to be very strong this year. When C came into the studio before the Holidays for her 6 month session, she had a really tough time. Mom knew something was wrong and endlessly advocated for her daughter's health. Well, it turned out that C was in fact having some health problems that were causing her to be so uncomfortable. Now with the help of a temporary feeding tube being inserted into her tummy, baby C is thriving. On top of that mom has had her own health difficulties (and who wouldn't with all of the stress she experienced) including having had her gallbladder removed in the fall. After December's session, I told mom that I would be happy to have baby C back into the studio for a complimentary session so we could capture her true personality when she was feeling better. I can't begin to explain the difference I saw in her. She was bright and happy and on the move! She laughed and smiled and ate like a champ! I hate to sound cliche, but you could seriously see the sparkle in her eyes. She was beautiful, inside and out, and I adored capturing her joy.

With a roller coaster of a year behind them, mom and dad received some news that they (and their doctors) never thought they would hear. I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you, but I'll let the photos do the talking!

Thank you for letting me share your story mom. I hope this is the start to a beautiful year for you and your family! You deserve it!

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