Thursday, August 20, 2009

Engagement portraits on Scarborough beach Rhode Island. Rhode Island engagement photographer Heidi Hope Photography

I just love photographing people who are in love.  And static subjects?  Subjects who not only stay in one spot, but can also heed instructions?!?!  Last night's engagement shoot was so much fun.  As you all know, I am totally baby crazy, but once in a while it is so refreshing to shoot adults.  It allows me to be so much more creative with my images.  It brings me back to my fine art roots as I feel like I am composing (or at least have time to compose) a painting of sorts.  I suppose that is what I would most like my photographs to be; paintings created with light.  This is one huge preview and sure to be one huge gallery.  Thanks for being so fun to work with... enjoy your preview!

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