Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet baby girl. Boston on location newborn portrait session. Newborn portrait photographer Heidi Hope Photography.

Ok, here it is finally! This little sweetheart was an absolute angel to photograph. Definitely one of my easiest newborns to date. Baby B did have a little fiest in her though. She was a jumper and we had to keep a hand close by so that she didn't hop right off the beanbag! She was a tiny little thing and slept for almost all of the shoot. Mom and dad said that she was up most of the night, and while I always feel bad for the parents, I am secretly happy when I hear that because I know we may have better luck with those sleepy newborn shots everyone adores! Mom and dad looked no worse for the wear anyways. This was one gorgeous family. Baby B even gave us some sweet sleepy smiles. My favorite shot is the one where mom, dad, and baby B are all smiling together. Enjoy your preview :0)

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  1. Love that little croched cocoon! Beautiful images.


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