Monday, August 17, 2009

Pettiskirt portrait shoot. On location children's portraits. Rhode Island children's photographer.

I have to keep up with my posts this week so I just had to crank this one out tonight before bed.  Two more weeks of craziness and then everyone is back in school and things finally slow down so that I can breathe again!  I had so much fun doing this shoot today.  It was an hour of 90 degree running around that truly flew by.  I had scheduled this shoot for last May and after having to cancel it, we just finally were able to get everyone together for it again.  The adorable pettiskirts are from Miss Things Boutique who partnered with me for these shots!  I also had to get some portraits of the boys because, how cute is this family?!  Thanks moms for all your help and hard work.  Loved seeing you all again.  Enjoy your preview :0) There are SO many more to come!

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