Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twin newborns with big sister. In home newborn portraits by newborn photographer Heidi Guerard

Today was my very first twin session and these two sweet girls (along with their adorable 18 month old sister) completely stole my heart. I was scheduled to do mom's maternity session a few weeks ago and she actually went into labor the morning I was supposed to head to their house! So I came back to capture these two cuties this week. I must say that two newborns is certainly twice as hard. Perhaps three times as hard! And throw a toddler in the mix? WOW! Thank goodness I had my fabulous assistant with me :0) Thanks for coming along K. But it is all worth it because the portraits are absolutely four times as adorable. I hope you love them mom and dad. Enjoy your preview :0)


  1. Precious photos, thanks for sharing. Cousin and wife of the maternal nonni.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am having twin girls soon and my 2 year old son loves looking at babies on-line. The picture with the twins and their older sister is soooooo precious!


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